November 1, 2019
Being Stuffed is Only Good IF . . . You are a Turkey!
Here are a five, easy Thanksgiving eating tips that can ensure you enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday without "gobblin” everything in sight!
1. Eat Breakfast           
It might seem counterintuitive but eating a small, protein packed breakfast means you won’t be starving and overindulge when Tom Turkey makes his debut.
2. Drink a Glass of Water
Drink a 16 ounce glass of water 30 minutes before eating. Have you read this advice a million times before? Of course, you have. WHY have you read this advice a million times before, because it WORKS! That magical glass of water will help you feel fuller and eat less during the big feast.
3.  Eat Slowly
Considering how much food everyone makes for Thanksgiving and, how long it takes to          prepare, it’s a little disheartening when everyone is done eating this exquisitely prepared meal in ten-minutes or less. This Thanksgiving, we suggest you savor the moment. Eat slowly, enjoy your bites, appreciate the good cooking (or delivery) and, not only will you enjoy the meal that much more, you’ll eat less and feel much more comfortable when it is all done.
4.  Skip Seconds                               
Leftovers are ALWAYS better the next day. Enjoy those seconds the NEXT day and spread out those calories. Your waistline and waistbands will thank you.
5.  Exercise
Don’t stop reading! We are not recommending running a marathon (unless you want to). But, why not start a new Thanksgiving tradition? Put the game on record and go for a neighborhood stroll. Many folks will already have their holiday decorations on display so you can appreciate their hard work and maybe get a few new ideas for your own home as well! 
Thanksgiving is a favorite holiday for so many folks and only rolls around once a year. The simplest advice…slow down, savor the moment and enjoy your family and friends. Happy Thanksgiving!                            
-Dr. Angela DeRosa

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