Wednesday, March 11, 2020 
Dear Patients, 
The situation regarding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to unfold daily and we are receiving calls from patients asking many of the same questions.  We thought it would be helpful to share those with you. 
Please know that Belmar is dedicated to the health and safety of our patients, prescribers, and our employees.  We are taking every precaution and measures recommended by the Centers for Disease Controls and Prevention (CDC) and local health and government organizations. We will update you on any new developments. 
Frequently Asked Questions
The new coronavirus cannot be transmitted through goods manufactured in China or any country reporting COVID-19 cases.

Scientists note that most viruses like this one do not stay active on surfaces for very long after being moved, travelled, and being exposed to different conditions and temperatures. It is highly unlikely you would get COVID-19 from a package or product that has been in transit for days or weeks. The illness is most likely transmitted by droplets from an infected person’s sneeze or cough.
How has Belmar Prepared for COVID-19?
What measures has Belmar taken to prepare for drug shortages?

We have planned, ordered, and received additional pharmacy supplies including chemicals in preparation for a COVID-19 pandemic. While we do not foresee Belmar Pharmacy having a drug shortage, we encourage ordering your refills early if you are concerned about running out.
Should I refill my prescription early?

We encourage you to be proactive and put in prescription orders early.  This is a precaution, in case shipping times are impacted by COVID-19.

What measures has Belmar taken to ensure there is enough staff to process orders?

The health of our employees and their families are of utmost concern to us.  We have instituted additional safety measures to prevent the spread of the virus.  For example, we have eliminated all, but the most critical business travel and we have instituted additional safety procedures to protect the health of our team.
Where can I find the latest up to date information about COVID-19?  
The Center for Disease Control is an excellent source of up to date information about the developing coronavirus situation, found here at

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