Our pellets are now being produced by Belmar Select Outsourcing (BSO). The great news is that the same quality and high standards used at Belmar Pharmacy, now meet cGMP and FDA requirements. BSO is a cGMP and FDA registered 503B Outsourcing Facility for hormone pellet implants. BSO is licensed in 35 states and we have a two-day turnaround shipping out your pellet orders.
Belmar Select Outsourcing's mission is to provide quality hormone pellet implants to clinicians at a reasonable price.  We use state of the art methodology to compound manufacture our hormone pellet implants in estradiol, testosterone, testosterone with cholesterol, progesterone, and anastrozole.  Our pellets are sterilized using the most advanced sterilization technique uniquely suited for this dosage form.  Every batch is tested for potency and endotoxins.  We have also implemented a risk-based environmental monitoring program.Because we are a 503B Outsourcing Facility, we do not require patient specific prescriptions and can ship the pellets to your office in bulk.  We do not require contracts when working with us.  
Call or visit our website for available pellet strengths: 
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